Blackhorn Partners



Most financial planners have a few areas of expertise and will manage your wealth with a focus on these areas. The Blackhorn Partners team is focused on you and making the financial decisions that are best suited for your situation.  We do not offer proprietary products or cookie cutter strategies.  In turn, we are able to dispense objective advice and investor specific wealth plans. Every member of our team is a trained, experienced professional who will work with you to understand and accomplish your financial vision.


  • Senior Partner – The Senior Partner at Blackhorn Partners has an elevated level of responsibility over other employees and functions.  This partner acts as a managing director with ultimate responsibility to the clients and other employees. All Senior Partners are expected to have established professional experience, a solid financial education background with key designations, an interest in continuing their learning in both theoretical and applied knowledge and a solid grasp of the continuing changes inherent in the field of financial planning.
  • Partner – Partners at Blackhorn Partners have an equity position in the company. They, like the Senior Partner, are expected to be active in the profession in a variety of ways that ultimately bring enhanced value to the clients, the company and to their individual vitae. Partners also serve as a director of oversight for branch operations, marketing and portfolio strategies.


  • Senior Financial Advisor – Our Senior Financial Advisors have at least 3-5 years experience and advanced designations.  A broad, diversified background with knowledge of a large variety of financial options is essential to provide the type of service we are known to deliver.
  • Financial Advisor – The Financial Advisor position at Blackhorn Partners has formal education from a leading financial planning program.  They are expected to use a process driven approach with clients, not a transactional, sales approach to customers.


  • Investment Manager – At Blackhorn Partners the Investment Manager is responsible for keeping a finger on the pulse of the market, evaluating market conditions and watching for significant market shifts.  Portfolio construction is the Investment Manager’s key responsibility and staying abreast of the ever-changing tide of financial options with a focus on unbiased research is vital to our success.
  • Investment Analyst – The Investment Analyst is charged with making decisions to optimize portfolios. Blackhorn Partners expects every Investment Analyst to have a solid background and experience level in relation to funds, managers, allocations and other tools connected to your investments.


  • Office Manager – A large majority of our client service and satisfaction can be attributed to the remarkable efficiency and knowledge our Office Manager brings to the table.  Our office manager coordinates all of the daily activities and is the glue that holds the office togethere.
  • Marketing & Events – At Blackhorn Partners we believe in going that extra mile, and our Marketing & Events is evidence of this philosophy.  Our team works to coordinate client events, seminars, and educational nights.  Their events planning and hosting knowledge enhances client’s personal requests for life events and social gatherings.